Educational tourism in St. Petersburg will get a new stage of development

25 September 2021

On Friday, 24 September, an agreement for the establishment and development of a unified information environment in tourism and the research and educational sector of St. Petersburg was signed within the XVIII Congress of the Russian Union of Travel Industry. The document was signed by Yuri Bogdanov, General Director of the St. Petersburg state budgetary institution "City Tourist Information Bureau" and Yuri Snisarenko, Director of the St. Petersburg state budgetary institution "Coordination Center for Scientific, Technical and Educational Programs". The event was part of the "Tourism Week in St. Petersburg - 2021".

The organizations agreed to work together to promote the city in the Russian and international educational tourism market. The Tourist Information Bureau and the Coordination Center will exchange relevant information. For example, educational tourism events such as road shows, information tours, round table conferences, forums, and festivals can always be found on the official city tourist portal of St. Petersburg and the portal of the project "Higher education in St. Petersburg - STUDYINSPB "-, as well as on the official resources of institutions.

Yuri Bogdanov noted the importance of developing all areas of tourism, such as recreational and health and medical, industrial, wedding, gastronomic and, of course, educational tourism. He also recalled that all these areas are an integral part of the project "New Tourist Geography of St. Petersburg".

“St. Petersburg in 2020 was voted the best cultural destination in the world, the leading business destination in Russia, the leader in holding events, the best city for the hotel business, which is confirmed by international and Russian competitions and ratings. The city needs to meet the needs of modern tourists, generate new offers and programs for people with different interests and different budgets at any time of the year. The project systematizes and expands the geography of tourist facilities, helps to create new tourist routes and highly demanded products for new categories of tourists,” said the head of the Bureau.

According to the analysis of trends in the global educational tourism market, 30-40% of tourist trips in the world have educational purposes, representing 1.5 billion trips. The educational tourism sector is growing at a rate of up to 15% per year. In addition, 70% of youth travel is for educational purposes. The number of young travelers in 2019 was over 336 million. Globally, 68% of travelers plan trips for cultural exchange, learning new skills, and volunteering.

“An analysis of the world's leading educational centers suggests that there are strategies that are designed to develop educational tourism as an important direction for exporting services from a particular city,” says Yuriy Snisarenko. - Of course, educational tourism has a delayed effect, but there is also a direct effect of an influx into the city's economy. Therefore, today there is an international rating to assess the prospects and position of cities in terms of their position as student capitals. But some cities have gone further, and there are examples of how educational parks are created, active networking is carried out in different cities and regions, designed to develop educational programs, school modules, and tourism products. "

Also, the director of the coordination center noted that the topic of educational tourism is important for St. Petersburg, because it is a place of unique concentration of scientific and educational potential. There are more than 4.2 thousand basic educational programs in the city alone.


From September 21 to 28, 2021, the city on the Neva River is hosting the "Week of Tourism in St. Petersburg - 2021", initiated by the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg and included in the program of festive events for residents and guests of the city dedicated to the World Tourism Day. A complete list of events of the "Week of Tourism in St. Petersburg - 2021" is available here.

St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution "City Tourist Information Bureau" (SPb GBU "GTIB") was created in the spring of 2000 as the first in Russia unified state free information service for tourism. Official website of St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution "GTIB":


The project "Higher Education in St. Petersburg - StudyInSPb" is the first Russian experience of promoting cities as large international educational centers in the context of the export of education. Its mission is to ensure the sustainable development of the higher education system in St. Petersburg and the promotion of regional educational products to international markets.

The XVIII Congress of the Russian Union of Travel Industry is a key business event of the Russian tourism industry, which takes place in St. Petersburg on September 23-25. The previous congress, at which representatives of the travel industry discussed current issues in the industry, was held in 2019.

Within the framework of the project "New tourist geography", the Committee for the Development of Tourism of St. Petersburg systematizes information about new points of attraction and emerging tourist areas that create the modern image of St. Petersburg on the world tourist market, their accessibility and improvement. Today in St. Petersburg there are more than 50 public spaces that attract not only residents, but also guests of the city. The official website of the project is