Representatives of federal tour operators visited the tourist and recreational cluster The Island of Forts during the Tourism Week

28 September 2021

The “St. Petersburg Tourism Week 2021”, which was organized as a part of the citywide plan of events dedicated to the World Tourism Day, worked out at the initiative of the St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development and approved by the Governor, is coming to an end.

One of the events for representatives of the leading federal and regional tour operators - participants of the XVIII Congress of the Russian Union of Travel Industry was an information tour to the Kronstadt tourist and recreational cluster The Island of Forts. The tour was organized jointly by The Island of Forts project, Neva Travel LLC, the Russian Union of Travel Industry and the Tari Tour group of companies with the support of the St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development. It is dedicated to industry specialists’ acquaintance with the tourist potential of the Kronstadt district of St. Petersburg and exploring the possibilities for creating new tourist products associated with a visit to Kronstadt - first of all, with a transfer by water.

More than 40 heads of tour operators set off on a speedboat “Meteor” from the Senatskaya quay to the quay of the Fort Emperor Peter I, and familiarized themselves with the new water route that connected the center of St. Petersburg with the Museum and Historical Park The Island of Forts in the summer of 2021.

Then the participants of the information tour went on the riverboat “Moskva” along the excursion route “Forts of Kronstadt”. During the excursion they were told about the past, present and future of  Kronslot, Emperor Peter I and Emperor Alexander I forts - unique naval defensive structures under the protection of UNESCO, which have been in oblivion for a long time, but revived due to The Island of Forts project. By 2025 these legendary forts will be restored (they will return to the historical appearance of the first third of the 20th century), adapted to current usage and opened to people.

At the Fort Kronslot, there will be a museum complex dedicated to the first fort of Kronstadt, a site for special events (including weddings), a restaurant, a souvenir shop and a cinema.

The Fort Emperor Peter I will house a Museum of Mine Explosives, spaces for cultural events, including fairs, viewing platforms, a restaurant and a wine cellar.

At the Fort Emperor Alexander I, there will be a Museum of the History of Combating Infectious Diseases, a restaurant, and hotel rooms.

After the boat trip, the guests were invited to visit the Museum and Historical The Island of Forts - the central public space of the new tourist and recreational cluster, which has become a favorite leisure area for residents of Kronstadt and other districts of St. Petersburg (the park was recognized as the best space in the Northern capital for children and parents by popular vote within the “(Excellent)Personal Petersburg” project), as well as a popular place as a part of excursion programs.

Representatives of The Island of Forts informed participants of the tour about the prospects for the development of the tourist infrastructure of Kronstadt within the project, in particular, about the creation of a new powerful tourist attraction - the Museum of Naval Glory. It will be open after 2023 and will be a multifunctional interactive complex that includes museum expositions, congress and exhibition areas with infrastructure for the International Maritime Defense Show and other business and cultural events.

The central exhibit of the museum will be the first Soviet nuclear submarine K-3 “Leninsky Komsomol”, which has already arrived from the Murmansk region to St. Petersburg. In the near future, it will be relocated to Kronstadt, restored and turned into a museum.

The participants of the info tour also got acquainted with the plans of The Island of Forts to create collective accommodation facilities, the absence of which currently impedes the development of tourism in the city. Until 2025, a 4* Grand Hotel with 180 rooms and a total area of 15 thousand square meters will be opened in the tourist and recreational cluster, as well as a 3* Business Hotel with 200 rooms and a total area of 9 thousand square meters. The hotels will have restaurants, lobby bars, cafes, swimming pools, fitness and SPA centers, conference and multifunctional halls, as well as meeting rooms.

Another promising tourist attraction in the cluster will be the Yacht Port (Marina) with a capacity of 509 vessels. In addition to the mooring and refueling infrastructure, there will be a warm boathouse and apartments for yachtsmen, as well as a customs terminal and a children's sailing school.

Thanks to this facility, opportunities for the development of water tourism in Kronstadt will expand, yachtsmen from Russia and other countries, mainly from the regions of the Baltic and North Seas, will receive a convenient and accessible base for their floating craft, while young citizens of Kronstadt will have the opportunity to master the basics of sailing.

Kronstadt is the “cradle of the Russian fleet” and the naval outpost of St. Petersburg. It has great prospects for tourist development as a significant location on the map of the “New cultural and tourist geography” of the Northern capital.

“We strive to complement the usual appearance of the city with points of attraction and routes of “The New Tourist and Cultural Geography”, to reveal it from a different, sometimes surprising side. We aim to present it in an unusual perspective, to show new attractions in it. The current tourist map of the city includes, in particular, Kronstadt with our flagship project The Island of Forts”, says Sergey Korneev, Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg.

The participants of the info tour left positive comments about the Museum and Historical Park The Island of Forts, the water route to Kronstadt and the excursion programs.

“The Island of Forts is a modern park that meets all international standards, with excellent installations. These qualities are a big value, especially for the foreign tourists, whom we expect in St. Petersburg. This is an opportunity for overseas guests to immerse themselves in the naval history of Russia, which they have never had before. My colleagues and I highly appreciate the work on preserving historical memory, which is being carried out here, in The Island of Forts cluster,” says Kirill Sgibnev, Deputy General Director of IC Arsenal LLC.

“I really liked the excursion to The Island of Forts. Luxurious modern park, very beautiful installations. Perfectly organized excursions, starting with a ride on the “Meteor” and ending with a walk in the Museum and Historical Park, wonderful guides. I recommend it to everyone,” shared Victoria Melnik, Director General of Attollo Assistance LLC.

“I have been the head of Intourist for four years and I understand what a properly built tourist product is. I think that the multimodal route to The Island of Forts has great prospects. It will be interesting to both adult tourists and children, both Russians and foreigners, including very demanding ones,” said Leonid Marmer, General Director of Amadeus Information Technologies LLC.

 “I am very happy that I was able to visit such an interesting place as The Island of Forts. We make tours for children and understand how important it is that the objects are not only useful and informative but interesting for young tourists. In The Island of Forts, the historical and patriotic themes are represented in a rather proper, modern, and clear way. It is also significant that the park has activities for children. The facility is located in a beautiful place with excellent viewpoints. For sure, guests will remember visiting such a location. I would, of course, recommend the inclusion of The Island of Forts not only in tours for children but for adults as well,” says Olga Lobastova, the director of the Kirov tour operator company Letuchiy Korabl.

 “The Museum and Historical Park impressed me a great deal. I consider that this is the very place to visit with children. One can find here not only entertainment and relaxation but food for the mind. When a child in a playful way perceives serious and important information, when he understands where he is - this, in my opinion, is one of the most crucial components of the educational function of tourism. I think the future is for such objects,” noted Olga Lukina, the director of the Lukomorye tour operator from the Republic of Karelia.