Russian tourists plan to spend their autumn vacation in St. Petersburg

29 September 2021

 According to research conducted by travel planning service OneTwoTrip, St. Petersburg and Sochi are the most in-demand destinations keeping parity in the number of autumn travels in 2021. As the types of autumn recreation, Russian tourists prefer urban and cultural tourism along with trips to the sea.

St. Petersburg has become the most demanded destination for bookings in the urban recreation category from September to November. On the Ostrovok service, the city on the Neva was also among the leaders among the Russian destinations for autumn tours.

September is the most popular month of autumn for planning vacations: the majority of Russians (51.5%) went on vacation at this particular time. In October, 35% of tourists plan a vacation, in November - 13.5%.

As noted in OneTwoTrip, most often travelers from Russia get to their holiday destination by plane (72.5%), 13.5% of tourists choose the train, 12.6% - by car, and only 1.4% - by bus. Taking into account the improved transport accessibility of St. Petersburg and the entire North-West region, travel to the city has become even more comfortable: air communication with other regions is developing, the Sapsan and Lastochka train schedule has been optimized, and the M-11 Neva highway is operating.

In addition, the average check for air tickets to the Northern capital has decreased. According to experts from the analytical center of the travel and travel service, the average check for a flight across Russia in the velvet season as a whole decreased by 20% compared to 2019. Travel has become more accessible: for example, for some carriers, the cost of tickets has decreased by up to 40% compared to 2019.

“St. Petersburg is always attractive: it is comfortable in summer, very bright in autumn. With the onset of autumn, cultural institutions begin their new season, and the city on the Neva becomes a real treasure - not only of classical art, but also of modern creative life. In its dynamic rhythm, everyone will find something of their own, especially attractive. At the same time, the uniting moment for all guests is the warmth from our hospitality - at any time of the year. In autumn, the city on the Neva hosts events dedicated to the World Tourism Day. This year, the "Week of Tourism" takes place from 21 to 28 September and gives rise to an active information campaign prepared by us to promote the autumn and winter tourist offers of the Northern capital in different formats, "commented Sergey Korneev, Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg.

Autumn Petersburg attracts not only with fantastic colors. The city's hospitality infrastructure provides the traditional high quality of recreation, which, given the active development of domestic travel, has become for Russians one of the main factors determining the choice of locations and destinations. In 2021, the St. Petersburg hotel fund was replenished with quality rooms in three high-class accommodation facilities. In autumn, hotel prices are more attractive for guests of St. Petersburg.