Khochu Kharcho restaurant


At the Khochu Kharcho restaurant all the “juiciest” dishes of Western Georgia get together in one menu

All the the Georgian home cuisine variety can be found here - khachapuri with much suluguni cheese added, aromatic chakhokhbili and, of course, thick kharcho. The brand chef Izo Dzandzava is aware of all secrets Mingrelian housewives. Just as in that beautiful land, she necessarily adds hazelnut to kharcho, and brings a special adjika to the restaurant herself.

Homely cozy interior at “Khochu Kharcho!” inclines to friends meetings and heart-to-herat talks. Two floors and a summer terrace can accommodate 300 people, but you still feel your privacy space thanks to an intelligent zoning of the restaurant’s space. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day, so you always can find time to enjoy the hospitability and the marvelous cooking at “Khochu Kharcho”.

  • Georgian
  • Caucasian

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