Mari Vanna restaurant


A cosy restaurant of home-made cuisine

Have you ever been at Mari Vanna? Where homemade barrel tomatoes, the gentlest bacon, the favorite herring “pod shuboy” appear on the table as if by magic... In short, everything like in Soviet times!

"Mari Vanna" is a cozy restaurant in the spirit of good old Soviet retro times. Black and white photographs on the walls, a samovar with a smart doll on top, polished crystal in the "grandmother" buffet... And a caring hostess Maria Ivanovna is busy in the kitchen. She really puts soul in her dishes and cooks them as if for her own grandchildren!

Even our forefathers knew that the best way to be happy is fragrant plate of rich borsch with garlic and frosty glass of vodka. And if the table has homemade sausage, jelly with horseradish, squash caviar - it's just a feast!

A little more of the "genre classics”. All guests in the "Mari Vanna" are met by the kindest Uncle Misha. His vest, sweatpants and a radiant smile is familiar to everyone here: from the participants of solid business meetings to couples who came for a romantic dinner.

“Marie Vanna” knows her guests love to sleep long and serves homemade breakfasts all day. And for those who want to enjoy her special stuffed roast goose at their own holiday table can always call the delivery service.


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