A tour around the restaurant is a little trip to ancient China, which became a source of myth and legends

"The Great  Restaurant Qin" is a huge venue on the territory of "Lenexpo", which can accommodate up to 700 guests with seating and up to 1500 - at public events. In the menu - Chinese, Eastern and European cuisine with authentic and adapted dishes. Here they hold business meetings, celebrate holidays, dine on the picturesque terrace.

At the moment, the "Great Restaurant Qin" is the largest Chinese restaurant in Europe. Its name is a reference to the Qin dynasty and the first emperor of the country. Near the site is located the Chinese business center, so all the major thematic events are celebrated here. According to tradition, a hearty meal is a must for business meetings, so the local menu satisfies the most sophisticated tastes, and VIP rooms include Super VIP facilities.

Statues of terracotta warriors at the entrance, musical bowls, elements with traditional wood carvings - all the details of the interior came straight from China. The platform is divided into 4 tiers, which connects the spiral rise with a soft carpet. On the ground floor there is a large stage with two dressing rooms, a piano and lighting equipment. The hall is distinguished by a seating arrangement of the stalls, as well as separate cabins in the form of old carriages used by notable guests for travel. A special color is given by spacious tables with panels made of natural stone.

On the second tier there is a balcony and a distant hall with a large rounded swivel table. The third and fourth levels are reserved for VIP rooms with flowers, huge antique vases, snow-white tablecloths and furniture covers. Separately located Imperial Hall with a screen for the projector and traditional since the reign of the Qin dynasty of seating participants. There is also a separate banquet hall with a stage and velvet walls. There are corporate parties, weddings, proms.

"Great Restaurant Qin" is a place for events of different formats. There are competitions in boxing and dancing on the pylon, cages in the cages, theatrical events, often play Russian folk music ensembles for foreign guests. For the time of major events, the "ground" of the lower tier is being released. On the floors there is access to an open terrace where you can breathe fresh air.

The menu is presented in several volumes - separately for Chinese cuisine and other items. All descriptions are supplemented with colorful illustrations. Among the specialties: crispy eggplants, spring rolls, tempura with mango sauce, a legendary 100-year-old egg, a Peking duck, crayfish lobsters and Szechuan crabs, fish with teriyaki sauce, mozhu tofu, Pekin pork, Dim the most handmade, the fruit in caramel is offered for dessert. Spices for cooking are brought on special order.

The menu of drinks includes all popular types of Chinese tea, Puer deserves special attention. The owner of the restaurant is a big fan of the fragrant elixir of vivacity, therefore he personally monitors its quality. The menu features natural homemade lemonades in jugs and baijou - a national alcoholic beverage, which is sometimes compared to vodka. The banquet menu includes elite wines for the wealthy public, at the entrance there is a separate showcase with the most interesting varieties.

  • Chineese
  • Oriental
  • European
  • Wi-Fi
  • Smorgasboard
  • Food to go
  • Menu for kids
  • Free parking
  • Children’s chairs
  • TV
  • Bar
Food to go
Menu for kids
Free parking
Children’s chairs

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