Art-Caviar, Restaurant & Caviar Boutique


Art-Caviar is a restaurant of author's cuisine, a boutique, a lounge from the largest and titled manufacturer of black caviar in Russia – the company, called "Russian Сaviar House"

Art-Caviar Boutique

In the boutique you can not only buy delicacies for every taste, but also learn interesting facts about the history of caviar in Russia, about the features of each variety of caviar, its specifics, the rules of compatibility.

17 items of black caviar, delicacies and souvenirs associated with caviar field of Russia;

Gift packaging of author's design;

Everything you need for the proper transportation of delicacies;

Restaurant, where you are served purchased items in the caviar boutique.

Also here you can try different varieties of caviar as part of the author's dishes from the executive chef Roman Palkin;

Manufacturer’s price.

Art-Caviar boutique is a current site for social and business events. The interior in the Ar-Deco style and a luxurious caviar collection is an elegant decoration for a business breakfast, buffet reception or a private holiday.

Restaurant is gastronomic continuation of caviar boutique. A rare opportunity to try different varieties of caviar in the concept of the author's cuisine of one of the best Russian chefs, Roman Palkin.

The executive chef of Art-Caviar Roman Palkin

More than ten years ago, Roman began his work in the projects of Patrick Morin and Adrian Ketglass, he completed training at the 5J plant (CincoJotas, Spain), in Copenhagen (Kødbyens Fiskebar, Boheme, Geranium) and the legendary butcher Dario Cecchini (Antica Macelleria Cecchini).

"Haute cuisine begins with a high quality product." Kamchatka crab comes to Art-Caviar from the Barents sea, pike caviar – from Astrakhan, salmon – from the Faroe Islands (Norway), pike - from lake Ladoga, sturgeon – from Russia's largest sturgeon farm located in the Vologda region.

The main menu of Art-Caviar is verified to the finest details: each dish from Roman Palkin is a separate story and an art object. The menu is updated every season and includes gluten-free and lactose-free dishes. Upon reservation, it is possible to make an individual map of dishes in accordance with the concept of your food.

Caviar set menu

Collection of 10 author's dishes, each of which includes a particular kind of delicacy: different varieties of black caviar, red caviar, pike. The main goal is to demonstrate the full potential of the product: effective delivery, exciting flavor combinations, innovative technologies. You will be surprised how different "sound" acquires caviar, depending on the style of gastronomic arrangement.

Wine collection

Wines of the perfect quality from around the world are carefully selected for Art-Caviar by the Champion of Russia among sommeliers, the owner of the "Baltic Cup" - Eugene Shamov. Sparkling wines and champagne from well-known and small, but no less interesting houses. Traditional and modern names of Europe and the New World. We have collected the best Russian wines from the most important manufacturers. Fans will appreciate an interesting line of autochthonous wines.

An excellent location: in the heart of the Northern Capital, near the Mikhailovsky theatre, Nevsky Prospekt, opposite DLT, makes Art-Caviar the best place for events of any level and scale: from private parties with dj-sets to meetings of foreign delegations. We may close the entire restaurant for special events. Conditions are agreed individually. Parking.


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    Monday - Sunday: 10:00 - 00:00
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