In search of detective. Following the scenery of «The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson»

The route will get you acknowledged with the places in Saint Petersburg that have become the scenery for «The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson».

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24 km, 523 m
Summer cottage of Princess E.P. Saltykova.

Summer cottage of Princess E.P. Saltykova.

St. Petersburg, ul. Academica Krylova, 4

It is a historical and cultural heritage of the federal significance. Summer cottage was built in 1837-1843 by the architect P. Sadovnikov. The interiors are carried out by one of the best-known experts of eclecticism of the time G. Bosse. Located in the former Stroganoff`s garden, it neighbored upon the summer residences of aristocratic families Golitsyns and Stroganoffs. After the revolution, they did not preserved. The Saltykova`s summer cottage was used in Soviet times as a hospital, as a school and as a dispensary. In the 1990s, the firm "Burda Moden" had completely restored the mansion.

The authors of the legendary film used this building, which is singled out for its interesting neo-Gothic style, as the scene of the crime, or, more precisely, of the revenge taken by Karachentsov's character in an episode called "Bloody inscription". Some parts of the film were also shot indoors in the summer cottage, and its interior was decorated for filming.

Summer cottage of E.K.Hauswald

Summer cottage of E.K.Hauswald

Saint Petersburg, Bolshaya alleya, 12-14/32

A wooden mansion on the Kamenny Island, built in 1898 in Art Nouveau style by architects V. Chagin and V. Schöne for a wife of a well-known Saint-Petersburg baker, whose name was Eugenia Hauswald. It is unofficially considered that it is almost the first wooden building in Russia which is carried out in Art Nouveau style. It was in this picturesque house, a director Igor Maslennikov placed the only heroine of the series, who managed to prevail over Sherlock Holmes - a charming adventuress Irene Adler.

1 km, 660 m
Mansion of M.E. Kleinmikhel

Mansion of M.E. Kleinmikhel

Saint Petersburg, Naberezhnaya reki Krestovki, 12

A magnificent monument to Romanticism on the Kamenny Island was rebuilt several times. Many famous architects from Stackenschneider to Meibom had made an important contribution to its look. Last owner of the mansion in the Tsarist era, a countess Maria Kleinmikhel arranged there grandiose masked balls and receptions, which were the brightest events of high society in Petersburg. In «The Treasures of Agra» the mansion plays the role of a tricky treasure robber's house, who was a former officer of the British Empire colonial forces Major Sholto.

382 m
Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

St. Petersburg, Petrogradsky district, ul. Professora Popova, 2

The Botanical Garden sprang up on the place of the Aptekarsky ogorod (Medicinal Herb Garden), that was already founded by Peter the Great. Here, under the direct supervision of the Emperor, medicinal herbs were grown. Since 1823 the Medicinal Herb Garden has become the Imperial Botanical Garden with beautiful greenhouses and wonderful rare plants. The creators of the series turned this garden into a greenhouse of Milverton, The King of Blackmail, through which the heroes V. Livanov and V.Solomin were trying to break into his house.

3 km, 794 m
«Lenfilm» film studio

«Lenfilm» film studio

St. Petersburg, Kamennoostrovsky prospekt, 10-12

The oldest film company in Russia, that was founded in 1914. Here were filmed the most famous films of Soviet and Russian cinema. At this film studio the director Igor Maslennikov filmed his movies before creating a Saint Petersburg film company "Troitsky Most" ("The Troitsky Bridge"). And of course, the TV series based on the works of Conan Doyle, that has received enthusiastic remarks even in Great Britain, are regarded as a hallmark of this film studio.


2 km, 590 m
Mansion of Kschessinskaya

Mansion of Kschessinskaya

St. Petersburg, ul. Kuybisheva, 2-4

An outstanding monument of architecture in Art Nouveau style, designed by A.I. von Gauguin in 1904-1906. Hostess of the mansion was a famous prima ballerina of the Mariinsky Theatre Mathilda Kschessinskaya. F. Chaliapin, A. Pavlova and S. Diaghilev often visited her house. This house has a rich revolutionary history. Here, since April till July of 1917 was placed the Petrograd Committee of the Bolshevik Party, and V.I.Lenin was making his speeches from the mansion`s balcony.

And in the stories about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson the mansion turned into a Bagatelle Card Club.

727 m
Mansion of Brant

Mansion of Brant

Saint Petersburg, Kuybisheva ulitza, 2-4

This house was built in 1909 by the project of architect R. F. Melzer for a baron Brant, who was a large timber merchant. Watson returns home from the Bagatelle Card Club. This location is really just a few steps from the club, in other words, from the mansion of Kschessinskaya. In 1955-1957 both buildings were connected into a single museum complex, where there are all the expositions of the State Museum of Political history of Russia at the moment.

By the way, Watson just passed a porch of his future home, where he moved in after his marriage.

Gorky House of Scientists (Vladimir Palace)

Gorky House of Scientists (Vladimir Palace)

Saint Petersburg, Dvortsovaya embankment, 26

Palace of Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich, that was built by the architect A.I. Rezanov in 1867-1868. Reminiscent of a Renaissance Palazzo style, with well-kept interiors, the Palace had often inspired the filmmakers. It is therefore quite natural that, according to the plot of the series, in this palace is located The Diogenes Club , an elitist London gentleman's club featuring its untalkative members. And at the same time, in other interiors, here was located a house of Lady Huxley.

1 km, 2 m
Mansion of S.S. Abamelek-Lazarev

Mansion of S.S. Abamelek-Lazarev

Saint Petersburg, Moika river embankment, 21

The owners of the building at different times were Apraksins, a wife of a Duke Biron Evdokia Borisovna, a favourite of Empress Elizabeth Platon Zubov, a Minister of Internal Affairs V.P. Kochubei, Princes Dolgorukiy and Kurakin, Potyomkins. The last private owner of the mansion was a Prince Semyon Semyonovich Amabelek-Lazarev. The Prince bought this house after having been forced under the terms of his father's will to leave his house on Nevsky Prospect, 40 - the house passed into the possession of the Armenian Church. Part of the building, that has a view over the Moika River, built in 1907-1909 by a project of E.S.Vorotilov, was thoroughly reconstructed by architect. I.A. Fomin in 1912.

Houses on the Moika River embankment and Millionnaya street are separated by a cramped backyard, on which faces a large window of the room, where Mr.Holmes and Watson were waiting for the Colonel Valentine.

3 km, 83 m
Applied Art Museum at the Stieglitz Academy

Applied Art Museum at the Stieglitz Academy

St. Petersburg, Solyanoy per., 13

The famous Academy of Arts and Industry was founded in 1876 by decree of Emperor Alexander I. The building of Academy was built in the last quarter of the XX century, by the first director of the Academy M.E. Messmacher.

In a film about the brilliant detective it represented Lyceum Theatre London.

1 km, 639 m
Exhibition Hall «Flowers»

Exhibition Hall «Flowers»

Saint Petersburg, Potemkinskaya ulitza, 2D

The greenhouse had been conceived during the process of building the Tavrichesky Palace, that started in 1782 by decree of Catherine II. According to the plan of an architect and the Empress, the Palm Greenhouse would adjoine the palace. However, they failed to realize the idea in its original form. During one and a half centuries, the greenhouse was reconstructed many times. In 1936 a greenhouse was brought from Pushkin town, and this moment can be considered as a birthday of an exhibition hall "Flowers".

The greenhouse is represented in the film as the Lowther Arcade

1 km, 105 m
Research Institute of Phthisiology and Pulmonology

Research Institute of Phthisiology and Pulmonology

Saint Petersburg, Ligovskiy prospekt, 2/4

The building in the style of German Brick Gothic, built in the 1870's at the beginning of Ligovsky prospekt seems to be cut out for filming movies in the genre of detective story and thriller. In the episode "Deadly Warrior" Mr.Holmes escapes from his pursuers on the rooftops of this house. Must be said that during the short walk of Mr.Holmes across the rooftops, this architectural complex at the corner of Ligovsky Prospect and Nekrasova street was filmed from every conceivable angle. Perhaps, for the whole series no other urban object was used so extensively.


1 km, 618 m
Tolstoy's house

Tolstoy's house

St. Petersburg, nab. reki Fontanki, 54

An architectural monument in late-Art Nouveau style, a sixth-floor apartment house, built by the order of count M. P.Tolstoy. The project was completed by architect Lidval, who was a creator of the famous hotel "Astoria". Three courtyards of the house form a complex configuration – a kind of "street" with a very picturesque and cinematic view. This house has become extremely popular. In the Soviet time artists and writers lived here in this house. The courtyards of the Tolstoy House appeared several times in the series, imitating London streets, and also here was filmed one of the episodes of "The Tiger Hunt".


2 km, 132 m
Vitebsky railway station

Vitebsky railway station

St.Petersburg, Zagorodny prospekt, 52

It is the first Russian railway station, which was opened in 1837 and connected the cities of Saint- Petersburg and Tsarskoye Selo. In those times it was wooden. The current building was built in the Art Nouveau style in 1904. In "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson" main characters often use the railroad. Therefore, Vitebsky railway station plays the role of two London stations – London Victoria Station and London Paddington Station.


1 km, 700 m