St.Isaac's Square is a classic example of landscape ensemble second half of XIX century

The square which is situated in the historic center of the city between St.Isaac's Cathedral and the statue to Nicolas I. This statue was the first equestrian statue with two support points erected in Europe – the technical wonder that saved it from being demolished in the Soviet times. The “Angleterre” hotel, notorious for the tragic death of S.Yesenin, turn its facade to the square. The composition of the square includes the Blue bridge connecting the two banks of the Moika river famous for its series of “bridges of color”. The Blue bridge is the widest in St.Petersburg. 

In the days of the Siege of Leningrad the garden-beds were used for raising vegetables.

Seek for the water measuring column at the corner of the house N 44, Bolshaya Morskaya st, at the Blue bridge. The column shows the levels of most important floods of the city. The greatest took place in 1824 when the flood lifted up to 421 cm. Note the sun-clock.

The Red Route. February 1917

Along the streets of revolutionary Petrograd in 23 February - 3 March of 1917. Based on the contemporaries' memoirs

3 h

Central Squares Ensemble

The route will lead you though the most beautiful squares of the central part of St. Petersburg

2 h
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