Church of the Saint Martyr Andrew 


Metochion of the Konstantin-Eleninsky monastery

The establishment of the temple and its further history is connected with the theme of the new martyrs of Russia. 

The reason for the construction of the church was a wonderful case of salvation, the Royal family and the future Tsar- Nicholas in the train crash on 17th of October 1888 at the station Borki (60 km South of Kharkov). Due to a technical fault train path train, which went at a speed of 70 km per hour, derailed and crashed, falling off the mound. The number of deaths in the Royal train made up of 21 people. The entire Royal family (the Royal couple Alexander, Maria Fedorovna and their children: the Heir of Nicholas, George, Xenia, Mikhail and Olga) were miraculously spared, receiving only bruises and scratches.

14 Oct 1889, in the eve of the anniversary of the miraculous deliverance of the Emperor and His Royal family from the danger that threatened them in the train crash at Borkov, working in the Expedition of storing state papers decided to build on their donations separate Church Expedition. The construction of the building was carried out from 1891 to 1892.

On October 18, 1892, the ceremonial consecration of the house church was held in the name of the saint whose memory day falls on October 30, when the miraculous salvation of the Tsar’s family took place. On this day, the memory of several Saints is celebrated. The Martyr Andrew of Crete was chosen (767).

The first rector of the new church from 1892 to 1913 was the Philosopher Nikolayevich Ornadsky. This priest was one of the first victims for Christ after the 1917 revolution. Soon, the premises of the former church began to be used as a factory club. The renewal of the church began after the transferration it to the Goznak organization in the 90s of the XX century.

In 1998, a prayer service was held in the church on the day of memory of the Martyr Andrew of Crete, and on September 26, 2006 His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia visited it.


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