St. Mary Icon Cathedral ''Joy of All Who Sorrow"' in Shpalernaya Street


One-altar church of the late Russian classisism 

Initially the Home Voskresenskaya Church was built on this place in 1711 for Tzarevna (Princess) Natalia. It was renovated in 1817-1818 by Luigi Ruska. One-altar church of the late Russian classisism looks like a rotonda encased in rectangular stone case. The round hall-rotonda of the Resurrection Church was decorated with 24 white marble columns. The cube of the building is topped by a cupola on the low cylinder, 19 meters in diameter. The main northern facade of the building is decorated with a six-column ionian portico.

In 1711 the wonder-working image of St. Mary ''Joy of All Who Sorrow"' or its exact replica was brought by Peter the Great's sister Tsarevna Natalya Alexeevna to Petersburg which was under construction. During  the war with the Turks this image was among Russian troops. When the Tsar returned to the capital, he erected the Resurrection Church in the sister's palace on Spalernaya street and placed an icon there in commemoration of his salvation from danger on the Prut River.

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