The Kissing Bridge (Potseluev Most)


Monument of beginning of the cast iron bridge  that Saved its appearance from beginning of XIX century

In 1738 year, the first wooden pedestrian lifting bridge was built through the Moika River at the site of the current Potseluev Bridge. In 1786, the construction of the bridge was changed and it became three-span with stone supports. The Kissing Bridge took its final form in 1808-16, when engineer V.I. Geste gave to it the final design. So these days Potseluev most looks like cast-iron arch bridge with granite facing.

Crowned with lanterns four granite obelisks and figured railing lattice which repeats drawing of a fence of quay of a river Moika are decoration of the bridge.

The first name given to the bridge was ‘’Tsvetnoy’’ (colored) because it was painted in different colors. Name “Potseluev most” attached to it at the end of the XVIII century.

The romantic name of the bridge provoked the emergence of many urban legends. The most popular ones say that the bridge was some kind of sanctuary for couples in love. Other says, the bridge on the outskirts of the city was a place of farewell. Or else, it could have been a place of separation with the prisoners, who had to be brought to the prison located in New Holland. Real reason of such a name was an opening of the house of liquor “Potseluy” (kiss).

In the XX century, the bridge was enriched with several traditions associated with kissing. It is believed that someone who was kissed on the Potseluev Bridge will definitely come back to you. And more, there is a custom that newlyweds should kiss when passing through that bridge to make their family life long and happy. 

  • Address: Saint Petersburg, Potseluev most
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