Krasnoflotsky Bridge connects the Kazan and the 2nd Admiralty islands through the Moyka River in the Admiralteysky district in St. Petersburg

The first waftage in this place across the Moyka River was made specifically for the construction of a horse-drawn railway line (horse trail) in 1876 . Pedestrian traffic across the bridge was forbidden, pedestrians and carriages used the nearest Kisses bridge.

In the XIX century the bridge was nameless, at the beginning of the XX century the names Pontonny and Staro-Konochny were mentioned.

In the 1910s, after the tram line was laid along the Kisses bridge, the bridge lost it's transport significance and was broken in the 1930's.

The existing bridge was built in 1959-1960 to transfer the heat pipes through the Moyka river. The authors of the design of the pedestrian heating bridge were engineer A.A. Kulikov and architect L.A. Socks. The bridge was called Krasnoflotsky because of the nearby of the Navy crew (Kryukovsky barracks).

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