The 1st Lavrsky Bridge is a bridge connecting Bezymyanny and Monastyrsky over the Monastirka River in Central District of Saint Petersburg

The 1st Lavrsky Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the city. The first surface crossing in this place was built in 1712 by the order of Peter I during the construction of a monastery dedicated to the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky (in 1797 the monastery was transformed into Alexander-Nevsky Lavra). Many historians believe that the bridge was the first crossing in the mainland of St. Petersburg.

The bridge has been rebuilt several times. The modern 1st Lavrsky Bridge was built in 1970-1972 on the basis of a project designed by engineer A. I. Rubashev and architect L.A. Noskov.

The name of the bridge is known from the end of the XIX century and is derived from Alexander-Nevsky Lavra. From 1829 the bridge was called the 1st Alexandrovsky, from 1836 to 1862 - Monastyrsky.

The 1st Lavrsky Bridge is a relatively new structure, so it is not among the monuments of architecture.

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