Primorsky Victory Park


Primorskiy Victory Park is one of the recreation centers of citizens

Here you can find amusements, restaurant and even comfortable beach. Young people come here to ride bicycles, for roller-skating and skateboarding. Northern and Southern ponds of the park can be a perfect place for romantic stroll.

Primorskiy Victory Park was founded on 7 October 1945 to commemorate the victory in the World  War II. 

During the XVI century on the site of today's Primorskiy Park there were several farms, separated from each other by swamps and low forests. The first Park started St. Petersburg rapidly built and grew with each passing day, and In the beginning of the XVIII century, when Krestovskiy island was a part of  Alexander Menshikov’s lands, the first park was established.

In 1852 the  Palace of  Beloselsky-Belozersky family was built on the island under the project of academician of architecture A.I. Stackenschneider. After the October Revolution of Krestovskiy island became part of the Coastal part of planned landscape zones - «Green belt of Leningrad».

During the years of war these areas  suffered from the bombing, Beloselsky – Belozersky’s Palace was destroyed. In memory of past fights on the Bank of the Malaya Nevka embankment the government of the city  installed a memorial stele.

The area of Primorskiy Park Pobedy is 168 ha, and together with Kirov stadium it is 243 ha.

The main alley's length is 2 km, its width is 16 meters. It is decorated with flower beds and topiary bushes.


  • Address: St. Petersburg, Krestovsky pr., 23 A
  • Phone Number: +7 (812) 230-04-56
  • Site:
  • Working time: Round table
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