In 1714 according to the decree of Peter the Great, the Aptekarsky Garden was laid out for cultivating healing herbs.

This garden later became a large scientific, research and educational institution - the Botanical Garden and the Botanical Museum.


The museum collection that has more than 80 thousands of items was based on the herbarium of the Peter's Kunstkamera and the collections of many Russian botanists and travelers, including Nickolay Przhevalsky, Grigory Potanin, Vsevolod Roborovsky and Vladimir Komarov, after whom the museum was named.


The museum's exhibition covers four topics: the vegetation of Earth, the history and evolution of plants, the floral resources of Russia, and the plants and the man. The direct extension of this exhibition is the live collection of the Botanical Garden. Here, in the open field there's growing a flora, which is normal for the middle latitudes; in the Alpine rock gardens you will see the plants of the Caucasus, Mediterranean region, Central Asia, and North America; in the greenhouses, no matter what time of the year is now, visitors are transferred into an exotic atmosphere of tropical and subtropical forests and savannas.


Every year in May, the rare, tropical Queen of the Night blossoms for one night only. Due to this fact, the Botanical Garden stays open that night until midnight.


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