This place is also called the House of Architect

An architectural monument of Neoclassicism and Eclecticism. Since the 1710s the site belonged to chancellor G.I. Golovkin, whose son built a manor on it. In 1804, the house was bought by Count P.I. Gagarin and totally reconstructed in 1835-1836 (architect A.H. Pehl). The main detail of the austere two-storied building is a balcony-bay window. In 1864, the house was acquired by Baron A.L. Stieglitz, who presented it to his son-in-law, A.A. Polovtsov (hence the name). In the second half of the 19th century new interiors were created and the outbuildings were reconstructed. The works were supervised by architects F.I. Eppinger (1858), G.E. Bosse (1850s), N.F. Bryullov (1870-74), L.L. Peterson (1875-85), L.H. Marschner (1880-90s). In 1888-92 architect M.E. Messmacher carried out the reconstruction of facades overlooking the courtyard, remodelled interiors of the first floor and portraits room (now a library) on the second floor, attached a second storey, where a gala bronze hall, decorated with bronze panels, moulding, marble and tapestries were hung. The marble entrance staircase (architect Pehl) and oak hall (architect Bryullov) are also worth special mention. Under Polovtsov the house was a centre of St. Petersburg cultural life. In the 1920s, it was adjusted to accommodate a trade union school, since 1934 it has hosted the Architect's House. In the 1980s large-scale reconstruction works was carried out.

Alongside Bolshaya Morskay St.

The street has appeared in the 18th century and its history is bound up to the city

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