Palace of the sovereign of Moldova Dmitry Cantemir (Gromov's House)


The Palace was the first independent project of F. B. Rastrelli

In the first quarter of the XVIII century, the house of captain Ipat Mukhanov was located on this section of Dvortsovaya embankment. In 1715, it was bought by the Moldavian statesman Dmitry Konstantinovich Kantemir, who was forced to move to the Bank of the Neva river after an unsuccessful Prut campaign. The old house was demolished, and a new Palace was built in its place according to the project of the young F. B. Rastrelli.

Now the building is partially occupied by the Institute of Culture. 

Architect Rastrelli

This route gives you an opportunity to know more not only about  the works of the greatest architect but also about his personal life, to get acquainted with the concept of "Rastrelli baroque".

  • Address: St. Petersburg, Millionnaya ul., 7; Mramorny per.,1; Dvortsovaya nab.,8
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    Monday - Sunday: Free
    The Palace is closed to the public
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