The Sphinxes and the Gryphon on Unversitetskaya Naberezhnaya


Sphinxes on Unversitetskaya naberezhnaya are about 3 500 years old

Riverside near St. Petersburg’s Academy of Arts is guarded by Sphinxes and Griffins. There is a curious belief associated with these mystical animals. It is said that Griffins can fulfill desires. But it can't be happened without help of Sphinxes. You need to perform a special procedure of actions. First of all, recall your desire and with one your hand pat the Griffin’s head. Than with your other hand grasp his right tooth and in the same time look in eyes of closest to you Griffin.  If all are done correctly the wish comes true!

Newlyweds are also choosing that place on the embankment. Traditionally they should drink champagne near the Sphinxes, write their wishes, put them into an empty bottle and throw it into the Neva River.


Mystical Petersburg

Being a modern city with its unique architectural and historical monuments, Petersburg is also surrounded with an air of mystery.

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Vasilievsky Island

Vasilievsky, one of the largest islands in St.Petersburg, was originally planned to be the centre of the city

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