Blockade Ice-hole Memorial Sign ( «Days of the Siege»)


One of the most unusual blockade monuments is located on the accessway to Neva opposite 21, Fontanka River Embankment

The stone slab with a female profile and inscription as a symbol of resistance and courage of Leningrad citizens was opened on January 21, 2001 to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the breakthrough of the blockade. It can be found on the accessway to Neva opposite 21, Fontanka River Embankment. The slab is made of gray granite. Sculptor - Boris Petrov, architect - Stanislav Odnovalov. The memorial sign was installed upon initiative of Petersburg's chief artist Ivan Uralov.

This monument has several names: "Days of the blockade", "Blockade ice-hole", but most popular name among locals is the Blockade Ice-hole (Blockade Polynya in Russian). Here, at the ice-hole citizens of besieged Leningrad used to take water. At the end of 1941 city's water pipe shut down due to severe frosts and frequent bombing of Vodokanal water supply enterprise.

Water was synonymous to life at those times in Leningrad.

It stands to reason, water was gained not only at this spot, but also in other rivers and canals of the city, however it is this memorial sign that has become a symbol of those tragic days in the history of Leningrad. Solemn mourning ceremonies are held here when wreaths are lowered onto water surface and memory candles are lit along the embankment.

The hero-city and the heroes citizens

This route acquaints with memorable places reminding a heroic and tragic siege of Leningrad

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