The other park's name is Fairy-Tale Park

Park of Culture and Rest named after I.V.Babushkin - "Park of Fairy Tales" - is one of the oldest green areas of the Nevsky district of St. Petersburg and a favorite vacation spot for residents of the Nevskaya Zastava. The foundation of the park can be calculated from the time of Catherine II, when a hunting castle was built for the Empress behind the Neva Outpost of St. Petersburg and the beautification of nearby forests began. At that time, cottages of the royal court of Kurakin, Chernov, Apraksin and others appeared in this area.

In Soviet times, the park became a popular holiday destination for residents of the Nevsky district. Around 1925-1926, the indicated area of ​​the green massif became known as the Garden of Culture and Rest. The garden was named after I.V. Babushkin, a companion of V.I. Lenin, since I.V.Babushkin began his revolutionary activity at the Nevskaya Zastava, working at the former Semyannikovsky plant.

Today the Park of Culture and Rest named after Babushkin is a green massif with an area of ​​14 hectares. The predominant species in the park are poplar, oak, linden, birch, ash, maple, and mountain ash. Mostly acacia, rosehip, nut, jasmine, spirea and lilac are planted from the bushes.


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