The Hall on the Island pavilion is located in the Catherine Park in Pushkin

It was built in the middle of the XVIII century on the Central Island of the Great Pond. The Hall on the Island pavilion is, as the name suggests, located on the island of the Great Pond.

It was built in the late 1740s upon the project of S.I. Chevakinsky and decorated according to the drawings by F.B. Rastrelli. In 1794, it was rebuilt by D. Quarenghi, and a few decades later, in 1817-1820, additional work in the Hall on the Island was carried out by V.P. Stasov.

In the XVIII and early XIX centuries, the pavilion, intended as a concert venue and a resting place for the boaters, was also occasionally used for court lunches. A small kitchen built next to the pavilion for this purpose, was destroyed at the beginning of the XXth century and is now restored. According to the memoirists’ testimonies, in the 19th century the Hall on the Island served as storage space for the heating pads necessary for the skaters who used the skating rink on the lake. In 1911, due to the anniversary exhibition organized in Tsarskoye Selo, a restaurant was opened in the hall and the island was connected to the shore by a pontoon bridge.

From 1912 till 1941, the hall remained closed; in winter, boats were stored here. In 1996, the historical ferry crossing connecting the island with the Catherine Park, was reconstructed. The Hall on the Island Pavilion, opened after renovation in June 2008, is currently used for concerts and special events of the museum.

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