Monument to the dog Mumu


A symbol of fidelity, love and devotion to human

Walking down Sadovaya street, we don’t always pay attention to the sculpture of a sad dog, frozen to the spot by its owner’s boots. When you see how it compassionately curled up, tears gather in eyes and heart bleeds as it is Mumu, the protagonist of the famous I. S. Turgenev’s story which every schoolchild knows.

The creator of this little-known monument is Aram Arevikyan. With a surprising accuracy the sculptor has represented a poor animal of humble origin which devotedly and selflessly waits for the owner. On the Arevikyan's opinion , Gerasim at this moment has come into the cafe which is nearby, and the dog stayed outside to protect his boots and an apron. Mumu's monument was installed in 2004 by 150th anniversary of the publication of the work in the Sovremennik magazine what the memorial board on the building testifies to. It is a sculpture not only to a dog, but also to all animals which were harmed by human.

The touching monument is a symbol of eternal love and devotion to the person. Sometimes  people throw coins in boots. Maybe they do it for the recognition of dog fidelity or maybe to take a part of this devotion... Anyway, this touching cast-iron monument will hardly leave you cold.

  • Address: St. Petersburg, Sadovaya ulitsa, 94
  • Working time: Round table
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