Carved doors of the mansion are always open for guests who want to feel in a real aristocratic house for a short time, admire the beautiful interior decoration and enjoy an interesting cultural program Dmitry Borisovich Neidgart, Privy Councilor and Senator, drove into his long-awaited own mansion, built specifically for his large family, in 1913

Unfortunately, a few years later the Neidgart family emigrated abroad, but the mansion building was nationalized. After the revolution, the mansion underwent serious destruction, and after laying a subway line under it, the walls cracked. Neidgart's mansion awaited a sad fate, like many mansions of old noble families. But fortunately, in 1992 the building was restored, and now the mansion again decorates Zakharyevskaya street of St. Petersburg, which is already incredibly picturesque.

Elegant Mansion of DB Neidgart attracts attention with its strict and unusual beauty among the ordinary and inexpressive buildings of the Military Engineering University and residential buildings located on Zakharyevskaya Street. At first glance, it may seem that the building is somewhat severe - heavy architectural forms and a dark gray swampy color create such an impression. But the attentive viewer is unlikely to be indifferent to many interesting elements used as decor on the facade. The first floor is rusticated with semicircular windows. The heaviness of the building is created by two powerful and heavy bay windows, decorated above the front door and gates, with composite pilaster capitals that seem to hang over the sidewalk. Bay window brackets are decorated with oak leaf garlands with acorns and lush bows. Between the first and second floors we can observe a meander belt, and the windows of the second floor are crowned with rich high pediments and decorated with a spiral floral ornament. Above the windows of the third floor we will see castle stones, and a small radiant front located in the center of the building, along its axis, with a beautiful window also decorated with a garland completes the composition of the facade.

Today in the Neidgart mansion a variety of events are held: concerts, exhibitions, excursions. Every year, there are more and more people who want to buy a ticket to the Neidgart mansion. Christmas trees in the Neidgart mansion are especially original: only here can children visit a real Christmas tree in the best pre-revolutionary traditions - these are the festivities that grand dukes and other nobles arranged for their children.


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