Saint Petersburg State University


The largest University in Saint Petersburg

The Saint Petersburg State University was founded under a direction of Russian Emperor Peter the Great at January, 22, 1724. First chancellor of the university was famous historian and etnologist Gerhard Friedrich Müller. Important role in a development of the University played M. V. Lomonosov, who worked as a chancellor (1758-1765), scientist and lecturer. It was him who created the first Russian language course on physic.  

The University was re-founded in 1819 under a direction of Emperor Alexander I. At XIX century there was many world known scientific schools in the University. Through a long history of University new departments and sub-departments were opened. At the 1941 there were 10 departments and 7 research institutes in the University.

University has Bachelopr’s (51 directions, 88 programs), Specialist’s (9 directions, 11 programs) and Magister’s (38 directions, 104 programs) programs.

Buildings of the University are in Vasilevsky Island and Center of St. Petersburg, Petrodvorets, Leningrad, Belgorod, Krasnodar region and Karelia republic. Historically, the main building of the University is the building of the Twelve Colleges. Petrodvoretsky Educational and Scientific Complex is situated in Peterhof.

The University is a first Russian university who became a member of a Coimba Group of European university. Now our University is the only one who participate this group from Russia.


The Red Route. Chinese comrades in Red Petrograd

Complicated and controversial events of 1917 were created by a lot of people of different nationalities.Among them were also Chinese students and workers, who lived then in Petrograd

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