Kronverkskaya Embankment is one of the most popular tourist places, as it leads directly to the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress 

Kronverkskaya Embankment runs along both banks of the Kronverksky Strait (Kronverksky Canal), which separates Zayachy Island from the Petrograd Side. Now the strait has a maximum depth of 3.7 m and a width of 50 to 55 m. The embankment of the left bank (length - 864 meters) is enclosed between the Ioannovsky and Kronverksky bridges. The embankment of the right bank (length - 1147 meters) begins from the Trinity Bridge and reaches the Kronverksky Bridge.

The embankment owes much of its history to the Peter and Paul Fortress, from where, in turn, the history of St. Petersburg originates. In the process of building and rebuilding of the fortress,  Zayachy Island, on which it is located, increased its area by means of ground banking. The walls of  the fortress were surrounded by water from 3 sides, the 4th - northern side, remained stripped, which was a vulnerable place for defense. To protect the fortress from the north, on a swampy area along the right bank of the canal, a forest was cut down and a moat dug out, it had a shape of a crown. So it received the name "Kronverk", and the canal between the Zayachy Island and the Petrograd Side also began to be called Kronversky. The excavated earth formed a rampart; artillery pieces were placed on it.

After the construction of the Trinity Bridge in 1903, from its pier to the Ioannovsky Bridge, which allows to enter the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress from the east, a granite embankment 268 meters long and 3.5 meters high stretched. This place was banked up with ground massively. In 1938, a tall wooden Kronverksky bridge was built to enter the fortress from the western side, so the left bank embankment got its final borders.

In 1966, the beautification of the banks of the Kronverksky Strait was completed. After the Great Patriotic War military warehouses and a gas storage remained on the left bank of the canal, from Zayachy Island side. Fences were drowned. As a result of the construction of the embankment wall, the shoreline was improved. According to the project it was planned to hammer a concrete sheet pile, but due to the aggressiveness of water in the strait, it was replaced by a wooden one. Concrete sheet piling remains on a 150-meter-long section not far from the Kronverksky Bridge, where the shoreline was improved by banking up with ground.

The right bank was strengthened in 1977 simultaneously with the construction of two bridges across the source and mouth of the Kronverksky Canal. The line of the right bank is a long radius arc between the Ioannovsky and Kronverksky bridges.

Nowadays, a city highway runs along the embankment. It is 14 meters wide with two sidewalks of 3 meters each. And it connects Dobrolyubov prospekt to Kamennoostrovsky prospekt.

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