Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov


The architectural ensemble of the Academy is of great historical and cultural value. Of the 112 capital buildings, 25 have, according to the decision of UNESCO, the status of architectural monuments and are under state protection.

The construction of the academy building was started in 1799 according to the project of Antonio Porto (until 1803) and was completed in 1809 under the leadership of A.N. Voronikhin. The walls of the main hall are decorated with the famous frescoes by the Italian artist Piero di Angeli, he also made the decoration of the dome and the images of the goddesses of medicine, pharmacy and science in the "sails" bordering the dome.

There are monuments of the work of famous masters on the territory of the Academy (A.I. Stakenshneider, D.I. Jensen, M.K. Anikushin, etc.): «Military doctors who died in wars», «Cadets and students of the Stalingrad course of the Naval Medical Academy in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Great Victory on the Volga», the famous medical scientists Ya.V. Willie, N.I. Pirogov and S.P. Botkin. In front of the facade of the main building of the academy there is a bronze figure of the goddess of health Hygieia. In clinics and departments, busts of I.M. Balinsky, E.I. Bogdanovsky, N.N. Zinina, N.I. Pirogova, M.M. Rudnev, S.P. Fedorov. On the facades of the buildings of clinics and departments, 29 marble plaques dedicated to the famous scientists who worked in the academy and constitute its honor and glory are fortified. The names of professors, teachers, cadets, students and other employees of the academy who did not return from the fields of the Great Patriotic War and other wars are immortalized on memorial plaques in the hall of the main building of the academy.

Confirmation of the recognition of the Academy as an institution of world importance was the awarding of the title of Honorary Member of the Military Medical Academy to more than 300 outstanding scientists in the field of natural science and medicine in Russia and foreign countries, as well as to prominent statesmen.

The Military Medical Academy stood at the origins of the Academy of Medical Sciences, created in December 1944. The authority of the Military Medical Academy was created by its professors, doctors and teachers, many of whom became the founders of famous scientific schools. Among them N.I. Pirogov, who created the school of military field surgeons, S.P. Botkin is the founder of the school of military field therapists, I.M. Sechenov and I.P. Pavlov founded the school of Russian physiologists, I.M. Arinkin founded the school of hematology, E.N. Pavlovsky - school of parasitologists and infectious disease specialists, N.P. Simanovsky - school of otolaryngology, biophysics - V.V. Petrov (the first Russian electrical engineer), V.M. Bekhterev - neurology and psychoneurology, K.M. Figurnov - military gynecologists, V.A. Khilko - neurosurgery.

By Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 1595 of December 17, 1998, the Academy was included in the State Code of Especially Valuable Cultural Heritage Sites of the Peoples of the Russian Federation.

Marks of Excellence:

Honorary title - Imperial (1808)

Honorary title - named after S.M. Kirov (1935)

Order of the Red Banner (1968)

Combat Order «For Services to the People and the Fatherland» in gold (German Democratic Republic) (1974)

Order of the «Battle Red Banner» (Mongolian People's Republic) (1978)

Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit (Polish People's Republic) (1986)

Order of Military Merit, Highest Degree (Socialist Republic of Vietnam) (1988)

Order of Friendship of Peoples, 1st degree (Democratic Republic of Afghanistan) (1989)

Order «Antonio Maceo» (Republic of Cuba) (1992)

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