In the Centre of Saint Petersburg, near St. Isaac's Cathedral there is locates the Polovtsev Mansion. In past its owner was the Chairman of the Russian Historical Society, Senator Polovtsev

Under the façadein in classicism style lurks a real jewel of architectural art. It is an original interior that impress with luxury and splendor. Unique décor from precious wood and marble, inlaid parquet floors and molding, as well as many other things that can strike the imagination of even the most demanding visitor of this wonderful place have survived to the present day. During its existence the mansion has changed many owners. In 1835, the house was bought by Prince Sergey Sergeyevich Gagarin. At his request by the architect A. H. Pell was built the front wing on Bolshaya Morskaya ulitsa/ Bolshaya Morskaya Street (House No. 52), which remained here until now. In 1864, the son of Prince Gagarin sold the house to Nadejda Mikhailovna, who was the wife of the State Councilor Alexander Alexandrovich Polovtsev. It was rumoured that she was an illegitimate daughter of Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich.

For the Polovcev family in the mansion were created magnificent ceremonial interiors, most of which can be seen now. G.A. Bosset, N.F. Briullo and M.E. Messmacher worked the interior projects.  

In 1930 in the Polovtsev mansion was opened a scholl of trade union movement. Thereafter it transformed into higher professional school culture. St. Petersburg branch of the Union of Architects of Russia has been located in Polovtsev Mansion since 1934. And from that time the Mansion is also be called as the House of the Architect.

Wedding celebration

A professional team that able to organize a "turnkey" celebration of any scale will prepare is working on the holyday preparation in the Polovtsev Mansion. Decoration of halls, development of entertaining program, invitation of the best St. Petersburg musicians and artists, photo and video shooting of celebrations, creation and dispatch of the name invitations, carrying out of a marriage registration, provision of transport for the guests — all these and other organizational issues a banquet managers of Polovtsev Mansion are ready to take over. And cooks will decorate your festive table with dishes of the aristocratic Russian and European cuisine. The menu of Polovtsev Mansion is not inferior to the imperial receptions by its luxury!


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