Tsarskoe Selo State Museum – Reserve (Pushkin) invites the young couples to spend an unforgettable wedding day in the halls of the Catherine Palace, Catherine and Alexander Parks

Tsarskoe Selo State Museum – Reserve is located in the town of Pushkin at a distance of 25 kilometers to the South of St. Petersburg

Tsarskoye Selo Palace and Park Ensemble is a brilliant monument of the world’s architecture and the design of gardens and parks of the XVIII — early XX centuries. For two centuries, Tsarskoye Selo was a summer Imperial residence. After the October Revolution of 1917, it was turned into a museum.

The compositional Center of the ensemble is Bolshoy Tsarskoselsky Dvorets (Great Palace of the Tsarskoe Selo) also known as Catherine Palace, which is a magnificent example of domestic Baroque. Decoration of the Large Hall and the Golden Enfilade of the ceremonial premises are delighting in luxury. Among them the world-famous amber room that was reborn to a new life. Visitors can feel the spirit of the Elizabethan and Catherine eras and get acquainted with the unique works of fine and applied arts, when they enter into the Palace. More than a hundred monuments dispersed on the territory of Catherine and Alexander Parks, which total area of 300 hectares. These are majestic palaces and intimate pavilions, bridges and marble monuments, as well as exotic buildings in the style of Gothic, Turkish or Chinese architecture, which are providing romantic atmosphere to all of the park’s corners.

Palaces and parks of complex suffered significantly during the Great Patriotic War. The Catherine Palace was in the occupied territory for twenty eight months. By 1944, it turned into charred ruins. Restoration work in the reserve was started in 1950 and going on even these days. Without exaggeration they can be called unexemplary in international practice.

Wedding Celebration

Tsarskoe Selo State Museum – Reserve is inviting young couples to spend an unforgettable wedding day in the halls of the Catherine Palace, Catherine and Alexander Parks.

On this celebratory day the ancient gates of the park will be opened for you and your guests. Romantic cast-iron gazebo will be decorated with flowers. You will hear the gentle sound of flute. Special musical and theatrical program, solemn meeting of participants, excursion on Catherine Palace with musical accompaniment (harpsichord, flute), concert of classical music in the big Hall, presence of actors, performance of costumed brass band, dinner or buffet in the halls of the Catherine Palace – all these can be organized if you would wish so.

You can enjoy an exciting ride in a horse-drawn carriage with visiting the most romantic corners of the Park. The scenery for the first photos of your family album will be the masterpieces of outstanding architects of the past centuries. In winter, sleigh rides harnessed with horses will be another nice addition to your holiday.

In any case, the holiday in the Tsarskoe Selo will make this marriage truly unforgettable!


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