Botanical Garden of the Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (former Imperial Botanical Garden) is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Russia, located on the Aptekarsky Island in Saint Petersburg

The history of the Botanical Garden goes back to the times of Peter the Great, when the first Aptekarsky vegetable garden functioned, where the most beneficial and rare herbs and exotic plants were cultivated. A little bit later the Imperial Botanical Garden, which we can admire today, appeared on this place.

The Botanical Garden comprises a huge park and greenhouses of about one hectare. A variety of plant collections grow here. There is an arboretum park and palm greenhouses in the garden. The Botanical Garden provides a wonderful collection of orchids, irises, as well as multi-colored water lilies and much more.
Visitors can admire a unique collection of living plants in the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden. Both subtropical and tropical plants, as well as plants of arid regions of the globe grow here.
An open ground is perfect for collections of an introductory nursery of useful plants, an arboretum park, plants from the nursery of woody plants, alpine hills, a garden of continuous flowering and many, many others.

Wedding and fashion photography in the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is an ideal place for wedding photography at any time of the year.

Especially popular are wedding photo shoots in this paradise garden in autumn and winter. When streets are covered with rain, slush and a raw wind, the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden have a warm, sunny and unusually bright atmosphere. All year round the gardens blossom and flowers smell sweet in the park. Even in autumn the Botanical Garden can offer you a spectacular photo shoot with brightly colored leaves in the background.


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