Finlyandsky railway station


The building of one of the largest city stations

Finland Station was built as the eastern terminus of the Finland-Saint Petersburg railroad. It was created by Petr Kupinsky and opened in 1870. Now we can see only one fragment of old building at façade looking on Botkinskaya street.

The station is famously known for the arrival of Vladimir Lenin by train from Germany on 3 April 1917 to start the October Revolution. The event is commemorated by the statue of Lenin (made by S. A. Evseev)  placing in the square in front of the station. Lenin is shown on the top of  armored car which he used as a  tribune. Lenin arrived to Russia  on the  steam locomotive  #293. Now it is installed as a permanent exhibit at one of the platforms on the station.

The Finland Station was the only Leningrad rail terminus that remained in use during the Siege of Leningrad in 1941–43. There “Road of Life” began and first train with a food for Leningrad arrived to Finland station at February 1943.

In the 1950s, the old station building was replaced with a new one in functionalism style (architects P. A/ Ashastin, N. V. Baranov, Ya. N. Lukin, I. A. Rybin) looking at Lenin square. The metro station “Ploshad Lenina” was opened also at 1950s.

Side housings of old station buildings were demolished in 1970s. Only one part of included into a new building.

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