The Metro of Saint Petersburg


The Metro of Saint Petersburg is the deepest in the world by the average depth. There is a lot of stations with a unique architectural and artistic design that makes the Metro one of the most beautiful in the world

The Metro of Saint Petersburg is a high-speed underground railway. This is the second largest Metropolitan in Russia following the Metro of Moscow. The Metro was opened at November 15, 1955.

Nowdays there are 5 lines of the Metro. The length of lines is 113,6 km.  The number of stations is 67 (7 interchange stations — 6 with two lines and one with triple lines). 11 stations are hot on the heels of the railway stations or platforms.

In 2015 the Metro of Saint Petersburg was ranked the 19th in the world for charge capacity.

The main peculiarity of the Metro of Saint Petersburg that makes it different from most undergrounds in the world is that the Metro fare does not depend on the trip distance or the number of interchanges between lines.

The cost of ticket is 35 roubles.  In order to pay the fare you should buy a farecard in a token booth inside metro. More information you can see here.

The map of the Metro.

Stations’ working schedules

The fare can be specified on the website

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    Monday - Sunday: 06:00 - 00:00
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