One day trip from Saint Petersburg

More than 6 million tourist visit St.Petersburg every year. In 2016, the city was awarded by the well-know world ceremonies - World Travel Awards as a «Leading European destination» and Buying Business Travel Awards as the best place of MICE tourism. Many people have the desire to visit Petersburg even they have been there several times. Saint Petersburg is a major transport hub, 45% of tourists arrives here not only to stay in the city , but also it is a first point of an interesting adventure to different direction – from the North countries to central regions of Russia. There are 12 railway lines and 11 main region roads. The Neva River running through Saint Petersburg is an important North- South transport corridor. Regular cargo-passenger and cruise ferries are also berthed in the city. 5 railway stations and biggest airport of northwest district connects the city with almost all regions of Russia, neighboring countries and Baltic area.  Saint Petersburg and its surrounding territory Leningradskaya oblast intermingles with Estonia, Finland, Karelia, Pskovskaya oblast, Novgorodskaya oblast. It is easy to planning your one-day journey from Saint Petersburg to these popular Northwest tourist destinations. The train «Allegro» offers an easy way to travel from Helsinki (Finland) to Saint Petersburg (Russia) for 3.5 hours, and the journey onboard is fast and flexible. The express train «Baltic Express» is running on the route Moscow-St.Petersburg-Tallin. You can of course choose an alternative route by the bus, car, airplane or ship, but the train is the easiest, fastest and completely secure. St. Petersburg has all the ingredients for an unforgettable travel experience: high art, lavish architecture, wild nightlife, an extraordinary history and rich cultural traditions, but this is merely the beginning of your unforgettable trip to the Northwest!


One-day adventure from Saint Petersburg


The Silver Necklace of Russia

The interregional historical, cultural and tourist project “The Silver Necklace of Russia” will get you acquainted with the pearls of the North-West of Russia. 11 regions - 11 unique experiences. Discover the rich colors of the northern nature, go on a journey through Ancient Russia, visit the sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. St. Petersburg will become your portal to the world of monumental fortresses, impressive temples, northern lights, national parks and reserves.

Leningradskaya oblast

St. Petersburg is not part of the Leningrad region. It is an independent subject of the Russian Federation, a city of federal significance. Leningrad oblast is the only subject of Russia the authorities of which are located entirely on the territory of another subject.Leningrad region is rich in water resources - rivers and lakes. There are about 1,800 lakes including Ladoga Lake - the largest lake in Europe. Much of the region is occupied by marshes. In 1990, a number of monuments of history and culture of the Leningrad region were included into the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Karelia republic

Karelia, having a favorable geographical location, unique natural and recreational resources, centuries-old cultural and historical heritage, is attractive for Russian and foreign tourists. Karelia is one of the most famous Russian territories in international tourism thanks to the presence of unique architectural, cultural and historical sites on the islands of Kizhi, Valaam and Solovki. They are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are a national treasure of Russia. Karelia attracts tourists with its pristine nature, low population density and competitive prices. In summer this region is popular with lovers of water tourism, travelers on bicycles and cars, fishermen and hunters. 


The Finnish landscape is covered with thick pine forests and rolling hills, and complemented with a labyrinth of lakes and inlets. Much of Finland is pristine and virgin as it contains 37 national parks from the Southern shores of the Gulf of Finland to the high fells of Lapland. Finland also has urbanised regions with many cultural events and activities. Commercial cruises between major coastal and port cities in the Baltic region, including Helsinki, Turku, Tallinn, Stockholm, and Travemünde, play a significant role in the local tourism industry. Finland is locally regarded as the home of Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus, living in the northern Lapland region.

Pskovskaya Oblast

Pskov for a considerably part of its history was located at the west border of Russia, and therefore the fortification architecture was particularly useful in the area. The best surviving examples are the Pskov Kremlin, the walls and the towers surrounding the historic center of Pskov, the fortress inIzborsk, the Pskov-Caves Monastery in the town of Pechory, and the fortress in Porkhov. Pskov Governorate happened to be the location of the family estate of Alexander Pushkin, a Russian poet credited with the creation of contemporary Russian language. He spent considerable time at the estate, and once was banished there for two years.


Estonia is a Baltic gem offering visitors the chance to see a tiny dynamic land on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Glorious beaches pepper the extensive coastline, although the swimming season is short. Estonia itself is divided into 15 counties (or maakonnad, singular - maakond). However, to bring out the unique characteristics of Estonia, we use 4 distinctive regions in this guide. As the country is small, most destinations can be reached within a couple of hours from Tallinn.

Novgorodskaya oblast

At all seasons of the year Veliky Novgorod welcomes guests with marry-making, fun, amusement and interesting events. Here festivals of folklore and crafts, children's theatres and national culture, the Cossack choruses and military-historical clubs, a bell holiday, motor rally take place. In spring pupils and students from ancient Russian and foreign cities gather for the piano contest named after Rakhmaninov S.V. and in autumn professional bell ringers and church choruses invite connoisseurs of a sacred music to the real spiritual art holiday.