Give staff the flexibility to take care of business expenses and purchases simply and cost effectively.

To businessmen Bank offers two types of cards:

Credit Cards:

Corporate Credit Card Combine purchasing, travel and fleet spending into one card.
Travel Card Access to money available within the granted credit limit, for use domestically or abroad, possibility of payment for goods and services.
Visa Credit Card The card will enable you to make payments or cash withdrawals up to the daily limit assigned to the card.

Prepaid Cards:

Payroll Card This card is designed for making payments related to company expenses. It can be used at points of sale and in ATMs.
Gift Card The Gift Card is a prepaid card designed to be given as a gift. Funds are loaded onto the card when purchased and then the card is able to be used to make purchase wherever in stores and online.
Debit Card Get access to the money in your account anytime, anywhere - easy, comfortable and secure.